Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dancing with The Fabulous Hubcaps

When "oldies" are classified as music in the 1950's, 60's and 70's, you have to stop for a moment and wonder - "hey, this is the music I grew up with - so just when did I morph into an oldie?" But it didn't matter, as we had plenty of company at the Turf Valley ballroom, located just outside of Ellicott City - and we were about to enjoy a 4 hour show by a talented 9 piece band - The Fabulous Hubcaps.

We (i.e. the dance team of Jill & Chuck, and Paddy and moi) were accompanied by an energized crowd, including the ladies of Jill's office (Ellen and Janet), the Hallmark girls (Betty, Georgia and Cheryl), and gourmet chef Jerry. By the time the first guitar licks were played, the dance floor was filled with everyone who had obviously taken swing dance lessons, and those of us just "wingin' it".

This was not a shy dance crowd. As the Hubcaps played tunes that reminded us of our high school dance days - there was one noticable difference. People were actually dancing! No guys glued against one side of the gym, and girls glued to the other.... Instead, each tune brought out new hordes of PEEPS...not the least bit shy about dancing with groups of women, or incorporating couples into group dance moves. Dance partners Paddy (woa - put out the flames on those hot dance moves!) and Chuck (move over Fred Astaire - there's a new game in town) concluded that Jill and I had the heart rate of we remained in non-stop motion - especially during the fast paced and funky tunes. We even attempted a modified POLE dance using the square ceiling support post in the middle of the dance floor. I'm pretty sure other dancers wished they had thought of this first.

From tunes ranging from Frank Sinatra, to Rod Stewart, to Motown and Disco, we gyrated the night away, stayed high on 'dorphins, made up our own dance moves, and felt completely at home along with the crowd of 500+ oldies all doing the same.

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