Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lewis & Clark...get an Oxygen fix

There are some pretty expert skiers out here - many who take skiing to the extreme limit. The "bowls", the "extreme terrain", getting lost in the "back country", outlasting an avalanche or 2, or sking backwards down the double blacks. These were some impressive feats to admire...and the apres ski was all about bragging rights. But, for all of these extreme teens...and twenty-something DUDE-to-the-max skiers...I had to ask. Can you hoola hoop on skis? Nobody appeared to be bragging on this on Day 3...I would make my mark. Yes, the poles had to go. The ski jacket had to go too. It was cold, windy and snowing hard - so I needed to make this both quick and impressive. Today - was HOOLA day at The Breck. Paparazzi Paddy captured the moment...and there is no disputing THIS CHIC can HOOP on skis. Take that -- extreme ski-Rocky-Mountain-Dudes!

Jean Claude had acclimated nicely, but, I can no longer breathe. By day 3 the thin air had become a bit much. At 10,000' elevation in the Rockies - weird stuff happens. It was snowing mega amounts, and visibility was nil. We froze just riding up the chairlift. A good day to knock off early, and try to re-oxygenate. What better place than the OXYGEN LOUNGE on Main Street. When I first noticed this lounge - I thought it was a bar...but no. You pay a fee to get pumped up with 90% oxygen mixed with an aromatherapy of your choice for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Aaaaahhh...Paddy and I enjoyed a most delightful O2 Fix.

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