Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Testing the 'DORPHIN ouput of Toys from the 50's

Remember the days of jump roping, hoola-hooping, skip-it and pogo toys? In celebration of ... ahem...ahem...ok, um....getting to the, ahem... 1/2 century mark...ok 50. Yep, I said it - 50. We're revisiting toys from the past - and conducting a very scientific experiment on their ENDORPHIN OUTPUT. Our initial tests, tho inconclusive, have been very positive. That is, we feel there is GREAT potential for endorphins -- once we figure out how to keep that hoola hoop from falling to the ground, or stumbling over the jump rope...and getting tripped up on the skip it. While, I don't remember it being this difficult as a kid -- the fun factor is VERY high! Go "test team"!

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