Saturday, May 16, 2009

Freakness at the Preakness

It has been at least 20 years since I've been to a horse race, and surely NOT one with the stature and fame of "The Preakness". So, when my Anderson Windows salesbuddy Ken offered me free tickets in the Grandstand (valued at $105 a piece) section, I surely couldn't turn down this opportunity to CHECK OFF one more item on the BUCKET LIST. The Preakness.

Paddy, Chuck and I departed from the marina - for the Pimlico section of Baltimore. This area could be referred to as the low-rise projects. As they say in The Wire..."most def". Parking was a problem. Designated Preakness parking lots cost $75 per vehicle. Nay nay...I don't park for $75. The only other option, was to embrace the "hood capitalism" - and park on some stranger's lawn for $30. We opted for the hood experience - and parked on someones lawn. Paid the $30, and I kept my fingers crossed that our Jeep would still be there when we returned.

I'm not sure what I was expecting by attending the Preakness. Maybe I thought that the entertainment would be the horse races? How silly. It was far more entertaining watching all of the heavily inebriated spectators. Black eyed susans were the drink of choice - and it appeared that everyone was well beyond their limit. I watched very drunk men walk into the ladies restroom, blond boobie women pour drinks on strangers, and a guy dressed in a nice suit decide that he was a conductor of a choir. Surprisingly, everyone sang along. It was a very interesting experience.

Oh yes, there was also the horse race. Rachel Alexander, the odds favorite winner...won. We bet a few limited funds on all of the long shots...we lost. We returned back to our jeep - and it was still there, intact.

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