Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

Highlights of the BWC 5K running race:
  • Early arrival: Jill style. Arrive at 6:30AM for an 8AM race start. At least I got a parking spot!
  • Rockin' support vibe - solo guitar players at every street corner serenading the runners with whatever they felt like playin. Plus this one very cool bicycle dude giving us high-5's!
  • Flat double-back course. Great organization. No traffic.
  • Half sun, half shade - in one direction, you sweat bullets with the sun at your face. On the return trip, sun at your back and shade from the row houses! Love that shade.
  • Everyone pouring water on themselves to cool down at the water stations
  • Roses at the finish! Hoped to break 29 cigar. 29:08 Next time!
  • Missing? My sistahood? whaddup girlfriends??
  • Apres run - w/hubby at the coffee shop!

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