Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EA (Endorphins Anonymous) September 2010 Workout Fix

rowing machine 00:10:00
I think it's appropriate that I work on rowing today....while this tropical storm is dumping buckets of water.

Elliptical workout inside... 3 mi 00:30
while it's raining "men" outside...I'm busy sweating my butt off on this Elliptical machine that wants to send you into orbit.

Fast Trak weight workout 00:30
Amazing to think I am now into weightlifting. Yikes!

swim enroute to the Merritt ...
not really swimming...but the water levels are so high along the Canton promenade....that good thing I was wearing boat shoes...cuz I had to wade thru it. It's not nice water either...filled with trash...and more things I don't want to think about.

run along promenade in Canton 3.3 mi 00:32 09:41 pace
Air temps are perfect for an early mornin' run.

swim at the MLK pool in Silve... 1800 yd 00:45
Had to travel to Silver Spring...so just HAD to make a visit to the local pool. Most delightful.

Fast Trak at the Merritt 00:20
Worked the Merritt Fast Trak weight circuit...plus added some AB workouts

bike at the Merritt 4.5 mi 00:15:00 18.0mph pace
Burning time while waiting for Paddy to finish his weight workout.

elli away at the Merritt 3 mi 00:30
Picked a new elliptical machine and get a much more robust workout. Drenched at the end!

weight liftin' 00:30
whew....these do-dads are heavy!

More on the Elli! 3 mi 00:30
Elli is fitness drug of choice....while waiting for the POOL to come back to life.

outdoor pool at the Merritt 00:15:00
This is the last day of outdoor pool swim. The Merritt Pool will be closed temporarily...so they can enclose the pool in a bubble. Sad day cuz it marks the end of summer in my book...and I'm not ready! Air is cooler, and rain is coming down harder - and only the hard-core swimmers are out today. Swam just long enough to think about pointy toes, wide shoulders...and closer point of entry....and will call it a day. Well maybe not "a day"....the day isn't over yet...and I can always go back for round 2 of swimming ;-)

work up a sweat while watchin... 3 mi 00:30
After I woke up super early to do grocery shopping....and get prepped for a sailing adventure....the weather decided to play with our plans. So, off to the gym at 8AM in a light rain...for an indoor workout on the elliptical. Stared at TV eye candy....and voila - it's time to end the elliptical and hop in the pool

swim at outdoor Merritt Pool 2500 m 01:25
I realize this is borderline excessive...but that dang video has my "little people" giving me all sorts of swim advice. First I swam for an hour in the AM.....then returned to the gym after helping Emma & Mike move to Baltimore...for another 25 min. I've made a few technical decisions here....will just make TWEAKS to my kick (point toes...) and stick with my 2 beat kick even tho it is quite large. If I point toes...it narrows the kick to more streamlined. Second...point of entry with hands is slightly wider than shoulder length....this seems to prevent me from over rotating. It also seems to improve my breathing since I can't roll over the side for a long time...so the stroke becomes more natural. And last...point of entry is just in front of goggles....and this seems to help my propulsion. I'm just gonna work on this for awhile. It doesn't tire me out...and maybe eventually it will look "better" when I shoot the next video. Yup. You read it hear. I'm sport technique obsessive. I admit ;-) BTW....I'm also working on accentuating the positive instead of just picking apart areas that need work. Positives include: 1...I can be in lanes with other swimmers and not stress out anymore 2..My breathing is so much more relaxed and rhythmic that I no longer think about it 3...I don't think twice about being in the deep end 4...I love to swim....I never used to. 5...I love working on technique...and with this sport I have plenty to work on ;-)

30 min workout at the Merritt 3 mi 00:30
Worked up a sweat without stressing the joints....

swim at outdoor pool at the Merritt 1800 m 01:00
Swam for an hour...and getting very very frustrated. Went back to basics, and trying to tweak my kick so that anyone nearby won't get hurt. A pregnant lady asked if she could share a lane with me...and I told her it wasn't in her best interest. Trying to get a flutter kick going...but it is sooooo much effort....this can't be rite. Back to studying my Total Immersion video.

15 minutes lifting "things" 00:15:00
While the 70 year old bionic man trainer was busy pushing on Paddy....I did some upper body weights...

swim at Merritt outdoor pool 2000 m 01:00
I'm thinkin' all is good and I'm improving my freestyle....until Paddy took video. OMG. Pretty horrified at what I saw. The kick looks just like my ol' sidestroke kick....and I waaaay overrotate. I thought I was making improvments??? But no. Back to the drawing board....and I'll be studying swim technique in a big way tonight.

Fast Trak weight workout at t... 00:35
Did not feel like lifting weights...but once Paddy and I got started - it wasn't too bad. Fast Trak trainer Adam was there to help motivate - and we ended up having a great workout

swim at Merritt pool 1000 m 00:30
The air is brisk...but the water is warm and refreshing. Grabbing as much time in the water before the pool becomes "enclosed" for the winter in a big bubble.

swim at the outdoor pool at t... 1800 m 01:05
Who knows how many meters...just a guess. Having too much fun breathing, rotating and pretending I know how to swim freestyle. No one in the entire pool except me. Whassup with that? A little chilly outside...but pool water temp is 83. Gotta luv it. Feels like rehab after Sunday's skate.

Skate of the Union 13.2 mi
Great day for a skate on a flat 1.1 mile track! http://dorphindaze.blogspot.com/2010/09/skate-of-union-2010.html

swim at the Merritt outdoor pool 500 m
hallelujah back in the pool. lane to myself. water heated to 83 degrees. Burning off those calories I packed on in Michigan.

elliptical at the Merritt 4 mi 00:40
...at this point...I would rather be taking a nap....but somehow I ended up on this elliptical machine

Fast Trak weight training at ... 00:25
Workout back at the Merritt with Paddy. After eating 5 million Italian calories while visiting Paddy's relatives in Michigan.....I think I need to triple up on todays workout.

oh yeah...need to do some ska... 00:25
Oh yeah. Maybe I should skate. Entered the Skate of the Union race (which is tomorrow)....and I haven't trained for this at all. Ignored my skates all week during our road trip to Michigan. hmmmm.... Jill and I decided to just do S-curves in the school parking lot near BWI loop. All slow motion. What fun. I think I"m ready to race now! (not)

bike at the BWI loop 16 mi
Aaaaahhh.....back to Baltimore MD. Arrived at the parking lot at BWI...and it was nearly full by 7:30AM. People exercise here. East coast. It's good to be "home"....and I'm thrilled to be back exercising with tri-sis Fluffy.

along 18ish mile road in Troy... 4 mi 00:40 10:00 pace
Yikes. Detroit. Troy... Whatever. People need more endorphins here. Far too much driving in suburbia USA. Go Pistons. Miss boat and city life. Had to run 4 miles along a huge roadway 6 lanes. Almost felt like Boston Street ;-)

Swim at the Troy Michigan Sen... 00:50
DIscovered a pool here in Troy. It's for senior citizens. I think I'll blend rite in. Shared a lane with an older gent...then a lady just jumped in the middle of our lane. It was quite curious. She thought it was circle swim. Fortunately another lane opened up....and I left her to do her circles. I need more exercise. Too much food. I've gained 150 pounds....

run some suburb in Troy Michigan 3.5 mi 00:35 10:00 pace
I miss my gym and tri-sistas big time. Ran in every neighborhood street....did not see any other runners. Everyone is either in their homes...or in cars. Should have run longer to max out endorphins...but Paddy's relatives wanted to FEED us again. They are Italian. No shortage of food. I'm turning into a puffball.

swim @ MLK public pool in Silver S... 00:40
Arrived at pool at 6AM....then sat at edge of lane with all the other early birds waiting for life guard to show. Got in 40 glorious swim dorphins....then raced off to spend 10 hours in a car drive to Detroit. Motor city. Cars galore. Peeps don't exercise here. They drive everywhere. Yikes!

Sun 9/12/2010
Elliptical at the Merritt Gym 5 mi 00:50
The rain moved my workout indoors...was hoping after our elliptical workout that Paddy would join me in the pool....but someone "forgot" their bathing suit. OK OK...I already did 55 min of pool swim today...but ready to swim more if the opportunity presented itself ;-) Jus sayn.

Fast Trak weight lifting at t... 00:20
Met with Fast Trak expert Paddy...for a circuit workout at the gym.

Swim in the rain at the Merri... 1800 m 00:55
In all honesty - I have no idea how many laps I did. Your guess is as good as mine. All I know, is when I finally stopped to check my watch...it said 55 minutes. Seems like that should do for the day! Swimming is pure joy....and breathing is getting better each day. Hands are super relaxed when they enter the water....and I'm getting the breath rotation to a minimum....which makes it even easier!! who woulduv thunk?

Sat 9/11/2010
skate the smooth side of the BWI loop 10 mi
Holy sweet molasses. It doesn't take long for mega-endorphins to kick in. Skating is still a HIGH-10 moment...and Fluffy and I were headed to a place where the pavement is ultra smooth...no bumps....and no cyclists allowed. Putting on the skate gear is it's own exercise adventure. First apply the bandages...cover up the tender spots....relace the boots about 3 times....put on protective gear...lock the car twice...and we're ready to go. But once out on the trail....the skate vibe was delicious!

Bike at the BWI loop 16 mi 01:00 16.0mph pace
Met with Fluffy at 7:30AM. It was a little brisk (60 degrees)....and since my bod is acclimated to 90 degrees....the first 3 miles were a bit chilly. Once we started the anthill climb into the belly of the airport....the goosebumps disappeared....and beads of sweat are everywhere. By the time we returned to the parking lot...there were no parking spaces....but we're not leaving. Time for a skate workout....

Fri 9/10/2010

cleaning the boat 07:00
I can't understand why there isn't a fitness workout category for "cleaning". It is very tiring. Spent 7 hours cleaning our boat. Worked up a good sweat.

Swam at the Merritt pool 1800 m 00:50
this is all very exciting. swimming. I'm now swimming. freestyle. me. moi. who woulduvthunkit. it's all coming together...after 2 years of obsession. oh sure, I have lots of room to improve....but it's comin' together baby!

apres Fast Trak at the Merritt 2 mi 00:20
Just a routine elli workout....would have preferred to just hop in the pool...but thought I needed something more...

Fast Trak at the Merritt 00:30
Wow...I'm lifting weights now. Not many mind you. Just a few. 30 min on the Fast Trak with Ms. Maria the trainer. She tried to get me to do some funcky ab crunch...my body refused. All is good...

Thu 9/9/2010

Swam at the Merritt outdoor pool 00:52
brrrr. There is a reason why I'm the only one at the pool at the crack of dawn. 50 something degrees outside. Water felt cool. After a few laps - the swim was glorious. Increased the percent of freestyle to sidefish....and the breathing is relaxed, the stroke is relaxed...and I'm even starting to take less time to INHALE. Swim is becoming more rhythmic and going faster and faster...without trying. Yikes - maybe I can be a swimmer???

Wed 9/8/2010

skate at BWI airport 6 mi 00:30
mini workout on skates....not because of boot pain....not because I was tired....had to rush to the DMV and renew my driver license....and couldn't wait to get in the looooooooooooooooooooooog DMV line of peeps. Anyway - the skate was short and sweet...getting my "form" back...will do more tomorrow

swim at the Merritt outdoor pool 1100 m 00:30
Enjoying swimming in the outdoor pool...unfortunately the vitamin D at the pool will end at the end of the month. Working on my 'slice' - and it is making a huge difference in speed. Still 50-50 free & sidefish...but not for much longer. The speed difference is delicious ;-ooooo

Tue 9/7/2010
pool workout at the Merritt 1300 m 00:37

Finally...the pool is rid of all the Labor Day peeps! Swam 26 glorious laps.....in a lane all by myself....me oh me oh my....

woooa....me? weights???

That's right....weights. I never do this. Probably should. Just don't really like it. But...time to see what all the "Fast Trak" talk is at the gym - via Paddy. Personal Trainer Adam was on call - so he took me thru an upper body workout. Upper bod is now sore. Also worked on the balance ball thingie. Wanted to test my skate balance - and sure enough ....I can do the balance ball just fine. Wish I was skating today -- too much work (sigh)

Mon 9/6/2010

Skated a whooping 4 miles AFT... 4 mi

This is really just an exercise of standing up....balancing....gabbing endlessly with my tri-sista partner.....and making it back to the car without breaking apart scabs forming at the ankle bones. Skating is painful....but also one of my fav exercises...

bike at BWI loop with 3 - 1 m... 17 mi

Fluffy (Jill) is back in town - so my recovery days are now a distant memory. It seems like my speedometer is no longer working. What's with the low numbers? Doesn't matter - temperatures are delightful for Labor Day.

at the Merritt with Paddy 4 mi 00:40

Paddy is a workout machine - so we met at the gym. I was actually hoping to hop in the pool for a leisurely swim...but nooooooooooooooo. Everyone who is off work for Labor Day weekend - is in the pool. No lanes available....so spent time on the elliptical instead.

Sat 9/4/2010
at the Merritt Gym 5 mi 00:50

Should have exercised outside - as finally less humid conditions. BUT...pressed for time since Paddy wanted to go sailing...so headed to the Merritt for a quick workout. 50 min on the elliptical...520 calories burned. Gotta go find me a treat now ;-)

Fri 9/3/2010

at the Merritt Pool -- where ... 40 m 00:55

Fantabulous. There is nothing quite like a glorious swim in the pool!

on the waterfront promenade i... 3 mi 00:29 09:39 pace

Got out early before steamy humid temps showed up. Still drenched after 3 miles...but it felt good.

Wed 9/1/2010

swim at the Merritt Pool 750 m

I think I'm tired. As I look back thru my logs - it appears I've skipped my "recovery day". The lifeguard at the gym commented that he sees me running, working out at the gym and swimming nearly every day....and wondered how I do it. (I think he really wanted to say "at your age" but he held himself back ;-) My left shoulder is starting to hurt. Not sure if this is from skating position (my left shoulder was trashed during multiple skate crashes)...or if it is complaining about doing the freestyle. In the past...never used the left arm on my funcky sidefish stroke. Either way....I'm in need of a recovery day.

spin bike at the Merritt Gym 5 mi

as if I didn't get enuf at the BWI airport. (sigh) Went to the Merritt with Paddy - and waited for him to get "measured". I biked. The trainer told him he could cut back on his workout. WHAT???? I don't think so.

cycling workout in the wee ho... 15 mi

Met Jill at 6:30AM. Well, not really. She arrived at 7AM. She slept in. We had to make up time and ride fast cuz she had a plane to catch. It was hot...yet a glorious morning for a fast bike. Maybe we're weren't really that fast. It doesn't matter. It's all good.

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