Monday, November 23, 2009

SpeedCam on the Ravenel!

The Ravenel presents many endorphin opportunities.   Walking, running, biking....yes, these are the typical challenges.   But, this Saturday morning was different.   Captain Pat practiced his sailor knot skills, and lashed the SpeedCam around my neck, with a safety backup around my waist.  In addition, my fuel belt contained my Blackberry - with the ear and mouthpiece primed for YAK.  This morning would be a workout with Jilly, my TRI-sista and workout partner - who was simultaneously biking a similar course back in Maryland. 

The route from the Charleston Maritime Center to Mt. Pleasant - and along a few loopbacks on random lighly traveled roads adds up to a 14 mile sprint workout on bike...or half of that on foot.

Fully "teched" up, I have discovered:

  1. yes, you CAN be separated by miles AND still workout together

  2. the speedCam setup needs work for bicycling.   It kept bobbing about, and I had to hang on to the device while riding uphill on the bridge.   Let go of the SpeedCam and decided to hang onto my bike on the downward portion of the bridge where I had a tailwind and speeds in the 30mph range.  As you can imagine, the SpeedCam sights became a blur!

  3. I don't have much to say when I'm out of breath

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